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Gauteng Bee Hive Removal

For expert bee hive removal, trust our team at Bee Rescue. Our professional beekeepers specialise in safe, humane bee relocation, ensuring your space is cleared of bees while prioritising their safety. Get in touch for unparalleled service in bee removal.

Bee Removal Cost

The cost of a bee removal varies based on several factors, including the bee hive's location (i.e water meter, roof), how long the bees have been there, and the specific area or suburb. Bee removal pricing may be subject to change upon on-site inspection.

Standard Access

Low-hanging trees, bushes, exterior structures, pool pump boxes, water meter boxes, tyres, etc.

Pricing R1200 - R1800 Book Your Bee Removal

Moderate Difficulty

Higher trees requiring a ladder, under roof eaves, small wall cavities, air bricks, single story roofs, etc.

Pricing R1800 - R2800 Book Your Bee Removal

High Difficulty

Locations necessitating a cherry picker or scaffolding, double story roofs or ceiling spaces, deep wall cavities, etc.

Pricing From R3,500 + Book Your Bee Removal


Do you offer bee removal near me?

We offer bee hive removal services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and surrounding areas. Please click here to see our service areas.

Can You Remove Bees for Free?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer free bee removal. Bee Rescue incurs costs like any other business, such as fuel, equipment, our beekeepers are also well paid, because they can't just live off of honey.

What is the difference between bee removal and bee extermination?

Bee removal typically involves safely relocating the bees to a new environment where they can thrive, whereas bee extermination is like pest control for bees, this involves killing the bees. We prioritise removal to protect these important pollinators.

How Do You Get Rid of Bees?

To get rid of bees, you should contact a bee removal expert. This is essential because the process involves moving the comb, the honey, and the bees, which can be an extremely dangerous task.

Can bees be removed without killing them?

Absolutely, we never kill bees and we are not a pest control company. We specialise in humane bee relocation of all types of honey bees, which means we make every effort to remove and relocate bees without harming them.

How long does the bee removal process take?

The duration depends on the size and location of the hive. Typically, a beekeeper can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to remove the bee hive. We can provide a more accurate time estimate after inspecting the site.

Can you remove bees from inside walls or roofs?

Yes, we're well-prepared to handle removing bees from your house and other challenging locations, including from walls, roofs, trees and even chimneys.

Do you remove wasp and hornet nests?

We offer quick and safe removal of wasp nests, ensuring your comfort and safety. We also remove hornet nests, which are particularly vicious stinging insects.

Types of Bee Removal Services

Live Bee Removal

We specialise in live bee removal, this is a humane approach focusing on safely capturing and relocating bees without harming them. We use specialised equipment to transfer the bees to a new, suitable habitat, ensuring both the safety of the residents and the preservation of the bee population.

Emergency Bee Removal

We respond quickly to safely remove or neutralise the bees, prioritising the immediate safety of all involved. Emergency bee removal services are available in urgent situations where bees pose a direct threat to people or property.

Bee Extermination (Pest Control For Bees)

Bee extermination is a last resort, typically used only when the bees pose an immediate threat and relocation is not possible. This process involves the use of pesticides or other methods to eliminate the bees and should always be handled by professional beekeepers or pest control specialists.

Bee Removal Johannesburg

In Johannesburg, our experienced bee removers provide top-notch bee removal services. Utilising eco-friendly methods, we ensure the safety of your property and the well-being of the bees. Contact us for fast, reliable service in the heart of Gauteng.

Bee Removal Johannesburg

Bee Removal Randburg

Randburg residents can rely on our expert bee removal services for quick and efficient solutions. We specialise in humane bee control, keeping your spaces safe while maintaining the ecological balance of this vibrant area.

Bee Removal Randburg

Bee Removal Sandton

Sandton's premier bee hive removal service, offering professional, swift assistance. Our focus is on non-invasive, safe methods that protect your property and the local bee population, preserving the natural beauty of Sandton.

Bee Removal Sandton

Bee Removal Pretoria

For Pretoria, we provide exceptional bee removal services with an emphasis on safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Our beekeepers, equipped with extensive experience, handles all situations with care, ensuring a peaceful coexistence between residents and the local bee population.

Bee Removal Pretoria

Bee Removal Centurion

Centurion's leading bee removal experts. We combine quick, efficient service with eco-friendly practices. Our skilled beekeepers are dedicated to safe bee removal, keeping Centurion's homes and businesses free from bees.

Bee Removal Centurion

Bee Removal Midrand

In Midrand, we offer specialised bee hive removal services tailored to local needs. Our beekeepers provides fast, humane solutions, ensuring the safety of both your property and the bees. Ready to respond to all your bee-related issues.

Bee Removal Midrand

Bee Removal Roodepoort

In Roodepoort, we offer top-tier bee removal services renowned for their effectiveness and eco-conscious approach. Utilising the latest bee removal techniques, we safely relocate bees, ensuring the protection of your spaces and the local ecosystem in a responsible, efficient manner.

Bee Removal Roodepoort

Bee Removal Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp's preferred professional bee removal service. We focus on environmentally friendly methods to safely remove and relocate bees, ensuring your property's safety and aiding local environmental conservation efforts.

Bee Removal Krugersdorp

Bee Removal East Rand

In The East Rand, our bee removal services stand out for their efficiency and ecological responsibility. We manage bee infestations safely, ensuring your peace of mind and contributing to the health of The East Rands environment.

Bee Removal East Rand

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Looking for the best bee removal service? Delve into recent reviews from customers who have experienced top-tier service from Bee Rescue

Gary S.

I was really impressed with their quick response. The team was knowledgeable and gentle with the bees, ensuring their safe relocation. The price was reasonable, and their customer service was top-notch. Highly recommend!

Posted 2 days ago (5/5) five-star rating

James J.

Excellent service! They were very informative and took the time to explain the process. The bee removal was done efficiently, and they even followed up a few days later to ensure everything was okay. Great experience overall.

Posted 7 days ago (5/5) five-star rating
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