About Bee Rescue

Bee Rescue

At Bee Rescue, we are driven by a profound mission to protect and preserve bees throughout Gauteng. Under the guidance of a bee removal expert with over 18 years of experience, our goal is to rescue and relocate 10,000 bee hives within the next decade. We understand the critical role bees play in our ecosystem, and we are committed to ensuring their survival.

Expert Bee Removal

Our expertise lies in the humane and safe relocation of bees, addressing infestations in walls, chimneys, roofs, and more. Led by our head beekeeper, who boasts more than 18 years of direct experience, our team combines skill, care, and environmental awareness in every operation. This unique approach positions us as the leading bee removal service in Gauteng, prioritising the safety of both the bees and our clients' properties.

Contact Us

Bee Rescue is dedicated to providing superior customer service. We are here to support and guide you, whether you need a hive removed or are seeking advice on bee conservation. Call us 068 365 4511 (WhatsApp available for times when direct calling is not possible) or email us at

Join us in our commitment to protect Gauteng's bee population. With Bee Rescue, you're not just removing a hive; you're contributing to the preservation of our ecosystem. Let's work together for the bees and our community.