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Expert, safe, and environmentally-conscious bee removal services throughout Johannesburg's diverse neighborhoods

Johannesburg Bee Removals

Need a Bee Removal in Johannesburg? Call 068 365 4522 or email We do bee removal right, keeping it safe for the bees and hassle-free for you. Whether it’s your home or business, we’ve got the expertise to solve your bee infestation humanely.

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Areas in Johannesburg We Remove Bees

Professional Honey Bee Removal Services in Johannesburg: Serving Rosebank, Melville, Parkhurst, Parktown, Parkview, Houghton Estate, Orange Grove, Kew, Highlands North, Norwood, Braamfontein, Linksfield, Kensington and surrounding areas, we specialise in safe and humane bee removal.

We also serve the greater Johannesburg area, including Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, Roodepoort, Johannesburg South and Soweto

If you are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng give us a call 068 365 4511 or you can email us at for fast bee removals.

Why Choose Bee Rescue

  • Extensive Local Experience: Our beekeepers familiarity with Johannesburg's suburbs, from Parktown to Houghton Estate, ensures efficient and knowledgeable service.
  • Eco-Friendly Bee Removal Practices: As beekeepers we prioritise the well-being of bees and your environment, using humane methods for bee removal.
  • Rapid Response Across Suburbs: Wherever you are in JHB, our team responds fastly to your needs.
  • Familiarity with Local Bee Species: Our knowledge of bee species across Johannesburg's diverse ecosystems allows for specialised removal strategies.

Our Services

  • Residential Bee Removal: From Parkhurst to Greenside, we offer safe bee removal for homes, ensuring the safety of families and pets.
  • Commercial Bee Removal: We cater to businesses in suburbs like Rosebank and Melville, providing quick and effective bee removal to minimise disruption.
  • Beehive Relocation: We responsibly relocate beehives to safe areas, contributing to the preservation of bee colonies in Johannesburg.
  • Preventive Advice and Support: Our beekeepers provides insights and assistance in preventing future bee infestations in Johannesburg.


How much does it cost to remove bees in Johannesburg?

Bee removal price in Johannesburg begins at R1200 for a ground-floor removal with easy access. For detailed bee removal costs, click here.

How do I prevent bees from returning after a bee removal?

We offer a 14-day guarantee for returning bees. We ensure the removal of the majority of wax and honey. The only foolproof way to prevent bees from returning is by sealing the entrance. To keep bee removal costs down, we suggest addressing the bee infestation as soon as you notice it.

Do you offer free bee removal in Johannesburg?

No, we do not offer free bee removal as we incur costs like any other business. We also pay our beekeepers well.

Does SBCA remove bees?

No, the SBCA does not remove bees because this is a highly specialised field. It can only be done by trained bee removal specialists or beekeepers who are trained in bee removal.

Recent Reviews

Read about our bee removal services in Johannesburg through the experiences of local customers. Find out how we've helped your neighbors deal with bee issues, reflecting our commitment to friendly, effective service

Hein P.

In Rosebank, they expertly removed a beehive from my garden. Their respect for the environment and bees was impressive. A seamless and professional service.

Posted 5 days ago (5/5) five-star rating

Matthew T.

Outstanding service in Melville. They safely relocated a swarm from my backyard, showing great knowledge and care. Highly recommend their eco-conscious approach.

Posted 1 week ago (5/5) five-star rating
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