Live Bee Removal in Gauteng

A safe and humane way to relocate bees, using expert techniques to preserve these crucial pollinators and protect your property

Live Bee Removal

Live bee removal is a specialised service focused on the safe and humane relocation of bees from residential or commercial properties. Unlike bee extermination, live removal prioritises the preservation of bee colonies, which are crucial for pollination and maintaining ecological balance.

live bee removal

Live Bee Removal Process


A professional beekeeper or pest control expert first assesses the situation to determine the size of the hive, the type of bees, and the best approach for removal.


Safety gear is worn, and the area is secured to ensure minimal disturbance to the bees and the surroundings.


Using gentle techniques, the bees are coaxed into a transportable hive box. This often involves the use of smoke to calm the bees and specialised tools to carefully transfer the combs.


The bees are then transported to a new location, usually a rural area or a designated apiary, where they can continue to thrive and contribute to the ecosystem.


The removal service may include follow-up checks to ensure that the bees have not returned and advice on preventing future infestations.

Live Bee Removal Benefits

Environmental Conservation

Live bee removal helps preserve bee populations, which are declining globally, and ensures the continuation of vital pollination services for crops, thus supporting biodiversity.


Live bee removal prioritizes the safety of humans and bees by relocating colonies without the use of harmful chemicals, fostering a safer coexistence between people and bees.

Ethical Approach

Live removal treats bees with respect, recognizing their ecological role, and promotes an ethical stance on pest control, aligning with conservation and biodiversity preservation.