Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 25 May 2024

Bee Removal Process

We specialise in humane bee removal, focusing on the safe capture of the queen bee and a substantial portion of her colony. Our bee removal process entails several key steps:


Before the actual bee removal process begins, our team conducts a preliminary inspection.

  • Assessing the Location and Size of the Hive: Understanding where the hive is located and its size helps us plan the most effective and safe bee removal strategy.
  • Evaluating Structural Challenges: Our evaluation focuses on the building or object containing the bee hive. We aim to determine the most effective strategy for accessing the bee hive while causing the least amount of disturbance to the surrounding area.

Accessing the Hive:

This may involve disassembling or altering parts of structures, such as walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, and even trees, to access the bees and their honeycomb. Once we access the hive, we extract the bees, their brood nest, and the honeycomb.

Post-Removal Observations:

  • Post-Removal: Approximately 10% of the colony, which were not in the bee hive during removal, will form a cluster near the removal site, typically overnight. These bees are waiting for their queen's return.
  • Natural Dispersal: Upon realising that their queen will not return, these bees will naturally disperse within 10 days, typically joining other nearby hives.

Client Responsibilities

  • Safety Precautions: Safety Precautions: Please ensure that the removal site is free from the presence of humans, children, animals, and livestock during the removal process and for several hours afterwards. This precaution is vital to mitigate risks associated with potential aggression from bees, wasps, and hornets, such as stings.
  • Post-Removal Repairs and Restorations: You are resposible for any necessary repairs or restorations following the removal process. It's advisable to observe a waiting period of at least 10 days to ensure any residual bees vacate the area before commencing any repair work.
  • Non-Interference: For your safety and efficiency of the removal process, please refrain from disturbing the beekeeper while the removal is in progress.
  • Close Windows and Doors: Close all windows and doors near the removal site to prevent bees, wasps, and hornets from entering indoor spaces during the process.


  • Liability for Injuries: Bee Rescue and our affiliates disclaim responsibility for any injuries, incidents, or hospitalisations due to stings from bees, wasps, or hornets that may occur during or after the removal process.
  • Accessing The Hive: The client understands that accessing the hive for bee removal may require disassembly of, or damage to, parts of walls, floors, ceilings, roof, interior, exterior, tree, or other parts of the honey-bee-inhabited structure or cavity in order to remove the honey bees and honey comb from the cavity.
  • Repair and Restoration Liability: Our responsibility concludes with the removal and relocation of the bees. We are not liable for any subsequent repairs or restorations required at the removal site.
  • Honey Disclaimer: If you request honey, please provide a small airtight container before the removal process begins. The honey obtained from the bee removal is not guaranteed to be safe for consumption. It should be handled and consumed at the client's own risk.


We offer a 14-day warranty. Should the bees return, we will remove them at no additional cost to you.

NB: Please allow up to 10 days for any remaining bees to move off. Please also follow our bee keepers instructions so the remaining bees can move off.

Payment Terms

We accept both cash and electronic fund transfer (EFT) as payment methods for our bee removal services. Full payment is due upon completion of the bee removal process. In certain cases, we may require payment prior to our on-site visit. Please make cash payments directly to the beekeeper on site. For EFT payments, refer to the details provided on your invoice or quote.

Please be aware that pricing may be subject to change after a site inspection.

Please ensure prompt payment upon completion of our services.

Acceptance of Terms

Contractual Agreement: By accepting our provided quotation or invoice, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. This acceptance represents your consent to enter into a legally binding contract governed by these terms.